Why Testing-->Reduce Turnover

Reducing turnover is a science, but easy to accomplish with our assessment services!

In addition to performing employee attitude surveys and exit interviews, many companies have found that using our tests can provide valuable insight into the causes turnover. For example, many of the traits that are measured by our tests correlate to whether the individual "can do" the job. Two of our traits (Company Orientation and Compliance to Structure) often correlate to whether the applicant "will do" the job. Company Orientation is a hybrid trait that measures "work ethic" and loyalty. Low scores on this scale often indicate that the individual is usually out for number one, and not very loyal. Unless these individuals are significantly rewarded for their efforts they will continue looking for "greener pastures" at another company.

Compliance to Structure correlates to how well the individual responds to structure and whether the applicant will follow company policies and procedures. If the company is very structured, but hires a low compliant individual, it is only a matter of time before the applicant terminates. Likewise, if a company is very unstructured, a highly structured individual may seek another company where the rules are clearly defined. Understanding the corporate culture and the management style of a supervisor will provide valuable insight into whether the applicant will "fit" the company and manager.

Hiring employees that "fit the profile" of those who are successful and long tenured significantly increases the odds that the new employees will also have long tenure and be real contributors!

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